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About Us

Redox Scientific is a leading Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing organization (CRDMO – CDMO + CRO) with manufacturing and R&D units in Gujarat, India and professional management from United States. As a leading Indian CRDMO we provide products and services to Biotech,Pharmaceutical,Material Sciences/Electronics and Agrochemical companies globally. Our ISO-9001 certified manufacturing unit and exceptional team of scientists with experience from US and India enable us to deliver quality products and ensure all specifications are met or exceeded. Our highly experienced team relish deciphering complex problems and scouting novel solutions to achieve critical milestones in a timely fashion. We value intellectual property and know-how of all organizations and are committed to maintain confidentiality and provide distinct care to our clients. Our real time communication in US time zone with all required regulatory documentations, reduce the amount of time you need to spend to manage our collaborations.

Our Strength

Our Mission

Our Vision

REDOX SCIENTIFIC, aspires to lead the industry in protecting our planet for future generations. We are fully committed on achieving excellence in Environment, Health & Safety (EHS).

We are investing in practices and technologies to mitigate the risks of climate change in the greater areas we impact. Our EHS Policies creates a safe, healthy and clean environment for employees, and the community at large. EHS Policies are regularly reviewed by regional and international authorities. The review comprises of regular safety surveillance, inspections and audits; permit to work system for operational/maintenance safety; fire prevention and protection activities; operation of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP); disposal activities related to hazardous wastes; and regular monitoring of the environment. The state-of-the-art equipment installed for recycling of the treated effluent has helped us achieve the status of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Our Employees are trained to enhance their awareness in health and safety. Employees are rewarded annually by EHS team.

REDOX continues to work on energy saving strategies that represents a significant improvement in environmental sustainability with innovative measures.

Among the measures already adopted, we have implemented energy-saving systems to optimize energy use, installed new, more energy efficient equipment with inverters where possible, and corrective maintenance plans focused on energy savings, including the replacement of obsolete equipment.

Solar Plant installed in all our factories and additional land purchased. The installation of solar panels allows us to cover our energy demand with a saving in CO2 emissions.

At, REDOX we have supplier agreements with local vendors and diversified suppliers globally to avoid dependency on one geography. We strategically procure goods and equipment from domestic and international vendors in accordance with business requirements thanks to a highly effective supply chain. The framework for logistics operations and inventory management lays a strong emphasis on minimizing waste along the whole supply chain. We are making investments in the right technology to deploy cutting-edge IT systems and create best-in-class procurement processes.

We have a procurement policy, a sustainability management policy for suppliers and contractors, and a supplier code of conduct that carefully regulates our connection with partners. The policies make it possible to assess suppliers and aid in judging them according to social and environmental standards.

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