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Formulation Development

Redox offers various formulation and process development services to bring your compound to clinic. We can support and enables pre-clinical to clinical formulations by partnering with our clients in every steps. Our pre-formulation scientists collaborate with our discovery chemists and analytical chemists to fast track optimization of biopharmaceutical properties and various formulations. We emphasize in delivering rapid, cost-effective, robust, and scalable formulations.

Key Services

  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Drug substance / API characterization
  • Salts/ Polymorphs Screenings
  • Drug excipient compatibility studies
  • Container closure compatibility studies
  • Stability studies
  • De-formulation studies
  • Dosage Form Development
  • Tablets (immediate, modified release, multi-layers)
  • Capsules (powder and slugs)
  • Multi-particulates: granules, beads/pellets
  • Sachets and stick packs
  • Liquid oral formulations
  • Semi solid formulations (Cream, lotions, ointments)
  • Enabling Formulations
  • Analytical method Support
  • Technologies to optimize formulation properties
  • Dry blending
  • Dry and wet granulation
  • Compression and encapsulation
  • Active and appearance coating
  • Solution, suspensions, or emulsions

Key Equipment

  • Twin Screw Extruder: Leistritz Micro 27 GL-28D
  • Twin Screw Extruder: Thermo Pharma HME 16
  • High Shear Mixture: Diosna P/VAC-10
  • Fluid bed: Glatt GPCG1
  • Fluid Bed Coater: Mycolab coater Huttlin
  • Tablet Press: Styl’One Evolution
  • Rotary tablet Press: IMA Pressima
  • Roller Compactor: Gerteis Minipactor
  • Roller Compactor: Bohle BRC25
  • Spray Dryer: Buchi Minispray Dryer B-191
  • Mixture: Bohle LM20
  • Dissolution Apparatus: Erweka
  • Dissolution Apparatus: Sotax
  • Hardness Tester: Fischerscope HM 2000
  • Ring Shear Cell: Dr-lng D,Schulze RST01
  • Disintegration Tester: Sotax DT2
  • Geopyc 1360SEM
  • Lasor Diffraction: Malvern Kinexus
  • Tablet Tester: Smart Test 50
  • Phlebitis
  • QC – analytical instruments

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