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Why Us

Project Management

Project management from US and operations in India. Fast Troubleshooting.

Real Time Communications

We minimize the TIME that you need to manage our collaboration.


Reports, CoA, MSDS, Spectral data, BSE, TSE, Batch Records, SOPs, Stability Studies and Other Regulatory Documentations.


Our highly experienced, enthusiastic and motivated TEAM of scientists is committed to delivering timely, cost-effective, and quality products. Regardless of the size of your project, our team offers the personalized attention you expect for your projects.


We have expertise in handling Temperature sensitive, Moisture Sensitive, Ultra-high purity, Low trace metal (ppm) and Microwave reactions.


Leading supplier of catalysts, Ultra-pure organic and inorganic chemicals


Quality is the core of our success and we believe in providing customers high quality pure products to meet or exceed client’s expectations.


We value the intellectual property and know-how of all organizations and are committed to maintaining confidentiality and providing distinct care to our clients.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner to extend your research team can make all that important distinction between the compound and the drug.

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